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How to Submit a Photo

To submit a photo for consideration, drop an email to Jim Dee at Rawdiant [at] gmail.com. Attach your photo, include a *brief* description (maybe 1-2 sentences, tops), and a place you'd like us to link back to (optional) such as your web site or Facebook profile, etc.

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About Raw Food Photos

Raw food photos is the simplest web site ever: We only post pictures of raw food recipes!

Thanks are due to Mike Lieberman of CanarsieBK.com, who gifted us with this domain name. Mike launched the site a few years ago, and later asked us if we'd like to take over the concept. We thought it would make a nice addition to the suite of Pure Jeevan web sites, as the pictures provide great inspiration. So, thanks, Mike!

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Raw Food Photos features raw food photos and images. From Jim and Wendi Dee, raw food weight loss experts.


Submitting a photo is easy. Just email Jim Dee at Rawdiant [at] Gmail.com. Include: (1) the photo, (2) a 1-2 sentence (or shorter) description, and (3) a link to your web site site / FB profile / etc. (optional). Ideally, the pic should be 500px wide. But, any photo is OK. One strict rule: The photo must show a RAW FOOD dish!


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